Saturday, November 13, 2004

fuck resting...

alrighty then, yet another party night out in the city tonight.
it's johnnie-john-john's bday and he invited me to join the festivities. i'm actually quite excited abt this night since i get to meet a group of my friends that i haven't seen since january! so yes, it should be good.
i was hoping that i'd get stine to join me for the party, but the slut has other plans already. damnit.
oh and sculpture by the sea! looks like i'm fucken missing it again! i just heard today that tomorrow is the last day it's on. bugger. maybe i wont drink so much tonight (heh, yeah right...) and i'll be good to go there tomorrow morning? i just don't know if i can handle all those ppl... or the bloody kids.

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