Saturday, November 13, 2004


such a dead lil thing i have been lately. the last month of uni just drained me completely and all i've been able to do since tuesday is to try to recover from it.
i think i am slowly starting to kill this damn throat bug that has been making my life a living hell for the past 3 weeks. maybe i'll be healthy again one day. hopefully one day soon. tho i do have to admit that i kinda like these drugs that i'm eating for it. they give me fucken fantastic dreams. full on vivid messed up dreams all night. very entertaining.
everything is starting to work out very well and so far i've been having unbelievable luck with everything. let's hope that will continue for at least a lil longer. few more things to solve and then i'm ready to enjoy the fantastic sydney summer.


THE J Mo said...

Here's your "to do" list:

1. Enjoy your drugs
2. Get better
3. Party like a rockstar
4. Move to new place
5. Repeat #1 & 3 above

tp said...

heh, that's almost like my to do list really is:

1. enjoy the drugged up dreams
2. get better
3. party like AN ARTIST
5. move into the new place
6. repeat steps 1 & 3

THE J Mo said...

I stand corrected. ;-)

Yep, getting a job would have to rank up there pretty high. No income kinda cramps the lifestyle a bit.

I work with a few artists - they DO know how to get their party on for sure.