Friday, December 10, 2004

tunes for friday

ok, it's still playing: lamb - what sound (from mos - chillout sessions 3 - cd1).

"what is that sound?
ringing in my ears
the strangest sound
i've heard for years and years
the sound of two hearts
beating side by side
the sound of one love
that neither one can hide

the sound that makes the world go round
the sound that makes the world go round

what is that sound?
running around my head
funny i thought
that part was long since dead
but now there's new life
coursing through my veins
because there's someone
to make it beat again"

no idea why i like the song cause the lyrics really don't hit the spot atm. i think it's her voice and the awesome beat in the background once the song starts fully. i need to get more of lamb from somewhere.

i just heard that matt used to have a lot of it, but that all went with the tiny lil itunes add-on problem that ended up erasing his music library. 30 gigs of it, gone.

yes. he was homicidal.


ooh, another song just shuffled on. this is an old favourite that i haven't heard for a long time. this used to make me smile: full intention presents shena - i'll be waiting (mos - chillout sessions 2 - cd 2)

"i'll be waiting

two arms to hold you
two lips to kiss you
won't do me any good when all i do is miss you

i'll be right where i was when you left me
i'll be right here where i am waiting

i'll be waiting, when your heart decides to stay
i'll be waiting when your love comes my way

i'll be waiting

i've been right here since the day you left me
i've been right here...
i hear you say that you love me
i hear you say that you care
can't help but see you're not with me
i reach for you and you're not there..."

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