Saturday, December 04, 2004

you gotta luv the soaps...

good morning bunnies. [insert here stretching noices]
one more day of work and then i have two days off. yay! i've been working *every* day this week and even though i'm not doing long days it does drain all my energy. i've been a very tired girly this week. oh well, i think that'll get better once i get the hang of things.
damned cat btw. i think i mentioned earlier that we have a dog (7 months old adorable mongrel named clementine) and a cat (grey striped kittycat named woofy but i just call him kitty). well, anyway, most ppl in australia hate cats. and when i moved into the house the kitty just luveded me and gave me the impression that no one had taken care of him for ages. so i was feeding him and petting him and taking care of him. i felt special: the cat luveded me.
right. then danica revealed the true nature of woofy the cat. apparently he does that to every new person who moves into the house. he always does the full on "oh the pain! nobody loves me... no one takes care of me... will you be my friend if i love you? will you feed me?" act. but then when a new person moves in, you're forgotten and he's doing the same act to the new person. and i can tell you, he's good at it. and i fell for it. fully. oh well, that's why i like cats anyway: they're smart. they know how to get what they want.
we renamed the cat 'slut'.
oh, one more thing: apparently i'm a dyke.
i went on a couple of innocent dates with this one guy lately. and he was alright: he was pretty smart and funny and shit. even though i had a good time, it just didn't 'do it' for me. there was no butterflies in my tummy and my feet remained solid on the ground.
well, lately with my move and the new job and everything, i've been busy doing other shit. so he gets the shits and ends up going through The Talk[tm] in a very funny sms monologue with practically no input from my part. his monologue ended up with a conclusion that i must be banging one of my best friends cause she happens to be a hot scandinavian blonde. good stuff i tell you.
typical male logic: i don't want him therefore i must be a dyke. priceless!
quality quotes:
[sms] "are you ignoring me or have you lost your phone?"
[sms] "i've lost my phone." (*)
[sms] "oh good, and i thought you were ignoring me..."
(* just in case you haven't had your morning coffee yet, this message was obviously sent FROM my phone)

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Lever said...

LOL yeah *obviously*. Seems like the typical male is an international stereotype, not just a UK or US thing. I'll bet the typical bloke doesn't like cats either...?