Friday, December 17, 2004

my prayers have been answered!

tonight i walked home from work and i stopped at ice & slice due to a moment of weakness. what can i do? no chocolate and no ice cream for me, so at least i can pamper myself with sorbet, right?

anyhoo, i was thinking abt getting the usual scoop of passion on a scoop of mango, when i saw IT. it was love at first sight. it was destiny. it was the whole lot. what was waiting for me on the other side of that magical counter of glass was a tub of whiskey sorbet!

and bunnies let me tell you: fuck it was good.


oh, nearly forgot: chris, FUCK OFF! you weak lil piece of shit, stop quoting the ends of my fucken stories when i'm trying to tell them. stop reading the bloody blog!


Anonymous said...

fine. your blog is shit anyway.
and sms me about the christmas party what do i need to bring and what time. and as you might guess im feeling a little hungover from the other night but thanks for the beer that was tops.

Anonymous said...

anyway i might start my own bog im thinking of calling it lifebetweenthebedsheets sounds new and fresh i think.

tp said...

lol. you piss-head you...

just bring any snacky food (with no dairy), copious amounts of alcohol, craig and the others and yeh, you can bring yourself too.

tp said...

oh, and you make sleazy into an artform hun.