Sunday, December 19, 2004

warning, following blog entry was created under the influence

alright. it's proven: i'm still not too old to do the around the clock drinkies bender. yay for me!

i rocked up at one of my best friend's xmas party thingie at 2pm and started drinking there. the xmas party bit involved quality white wine, excellent grilled salmon salad, yummy lactose free bday cake (yay for lynnie!), a drunken asian santa feeling up the kiddies inbetween the prezzies and the relationship ball that KNOWS everything (i asked if i was going to get some 5 times during the night and every time the answer was 'break up'... needless to say it was right since i'm blogging atm).

after the xmas party we took the train to the city and went for a quality pub crawl at the rocks where matt, dan and tim joined our merry group of pissheads. then my xmas party friends trained back to north sydney and christy joined us on our house quest to shake our booties. we ended up dancing in chinese laundry and it was great. quality tunes i tell you. on our way home good old oportos delivered the perfect finish for the night. couldn't have been better.

now i'm dead tho. i think i'll sleep till wednesday.

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