Monday, December 27, 2004

hoe hoe hoe...

i had a really good christmas (thanks to lynnie and dave) but it left me fully exhausted.

i got a pair of vinyl devil horns from lynnie and was forced to wear them the whole xmas day instead of the usual xmas party hats. i decided to combine them with a rather lovely princess tiara. it was all good until someone noted that i'm a "rather horny princess". well done spaz.

i got home yesterday and all i could think of was to sleep and then sleep some more. today i had to get up at 7am and i just got home after doing a double shift at work. now all i can think of is sleep. i need sleep. tons of it.

oh, one of the xmas sms' that i received was a rather suprising echo from the past... i wonder what that was all about?

sorry bunnies, i'll try to be more entertaining after i recover from xmas.

--weird cravings update

if would have had some within the past fucken decade, i swear i'd worry i was preggers.

i've been having the weirdest cravings ever lately. i HATE tuna, yet i seem to be crawing it daily and it's the best thing i can think of. and pitted prunes! i mean, who the fuck eats pitted prunes anyway??? i'm starting to worry a bit...

immaculate conception?


THE J Mo said...

At least prunes will keep you "regular". ;-)

But yeah, I don't know of anyone that thinks "Hmmm, I'm hungry for a snack. I think I'll have some pitted prunes."

Anonymous said...

cravings or crawings? idiot

stu willis said...

you know something is seriously wrong with sydney when even the good looking women have problems meeting blokes. either its cause sydney men aren't good enough or said women just aren't meeting them. kinda sad.