Tuesday, December 07, 2004

planning the parties

first of all, let's start with a tune for this beautiful tuesday morning: ministry of sound: chillout sessions 3 - cd1 - track 5: lamb - what sound

once again i'm working nearly every day this week. i have only sunday off. but that's cause i have fri-sun off next week. which is fantastic cause due to the time of the year, we have a lot of partying to do:
  • friday 17th - matt's company xmas party
    my housemate matt has his company xmas party... in the house. it's his own company and he's the only employee. priceless. so we'll just end up getting utterly pissed doing blender drinkies at the backyard. should be fantastic.
  • saturday 18th - my (pre)birthday party
    it'll prolly be something along the lines of thai dindin at newtown, pub crawl to the city and then end up dancing our arses off to some really cheesy disco tunes somewhere. main point being getting so utterly fucked that i'll stay unconscious past the next day
  • sunday 19th - it's my '19th' birthday
    ...again. no, i don't want to count how many of them i've already had, the only thing that counts is that it's officially my 19th bday. so make sure you get the right number on the cake and the cards bunnies!

    i have to get so fucked up on sat that i'll remain unconscious past sunday and not realise what day it actually is.
looking at all that i fear the monday after that at work will be pretty painful. heh.


Keku said...

Be careful and have you responsibility about what kind of picture you are giving to young girls as being woman. Some child (boys or girls) could read your blog and they don't understand you are jokeing. They take you serious.

tp said...

er... i'm joking?

hunny, i'm seriously NOT trying to be a role model for anyone so pls, if you are young and vulnerable to outside influence STOP FUCKEN READING MY BLOG YOU FUCKWIT! i take NO responsibility.

if you are stoopid enough to listen to me, it's a darwin award waiting to happen...