Tuesday, December 21, 2004

garden state

i just saw garden state with my housemates and i have to say that i luveded it.

i thought it was a refreshing combination of indie movie feel and beautiful polished off look. plus i was pissing myself half of the time and i happen to really like both leading actors (zach braff and natalie portman).

so yeh, i'll happily recommend this to you bunnies.

the trailers before the film also added two more must-sees on my list:
  1. a very long engagement (imdb)
    (alright, i admit it: it seems like a chick flick, BUT it's directed by jean-pierre jeunet who also did amelie and it has audrey tautou doing the leading role again. hence a must see)
  2. i heart huckabees (imdb)

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