Wednesday, December 08, 2004


ok, i just have to share this with you bunnies: this shit actually REALLY works.

ever since i came to sydney i have had troubles with my skin. the combination of totally different climate, completely different food and the pollution took its toll. i never used to have issues back home so i've been pretty desperate in here during the past two years.

the situation got really bad during the past couple of months when i actually started to develop a full on acne. and i'm way too fucken old for that shit. i should have had it ten yrs ago and i didn't so why the fuck now? anyway, needless to say i was pretty fucken desperate with this shit.

abt a week ago i found and being desperate enough i decided to give it ago. and already in a week it has done a world of difference!

i regret that i didn't take a before picture that i could show now with the difference it has already done. my whole face is clearing out with record speed and instead of wanting to cry my eyes out every morning i can see the progress towards looking like a human being again.

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