Thursday, December 09, 2004

[insert brains here]

grah. rooted. and not in the good way either.

just came back from work. well... ok, back from the bar that i accidentally was lured into on my way home from work. practically the same thing... right?

bloody housemates. you can count on them to get you into trouble and it never fails. BUT have no fear: i was a good girl tonight. i said no to every drink offered and managed to humiliate myself by utterly sucking at pool cause i was sober. (don't be fooled, it's pretty much the same when i'm drunk, i just don't notice it so much myself.)

i keep telling them: i don't do balls. they just never believe it. oh well, i dare say it was the last time matt demands me to be in his team. heh.


tomorrow is payday!

and not a day too soon. i've been fucken *broke* since i got burgled. i don't know what i would have done without my housemates. i better be nice to them and get them drunk on cheap goon or someshit. that worked with the student flatmates, so it should work with "normal" people too. no?

i mean, everybody loves goon, right?

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