Thursday, December 02, 2004

something positive

my video arts teacher just called me cause he wants to put my latest video in an exhibition.

well actually it's a a video screening but as far as video works go that's the way of exhibiting them. it's kinda cool to finally get some of my work actually seen outside the class room. maybe then i can hear some honest comments abt them since the audience doesn't have a clue who's done it.


but yeh, it makes me feel a bit better. tho not a lot. losing my beloved kitty bag still pisses the shit out of me.

r.i.p. my beloved kitty bag

i luveded it. i luveded it a lot. and my little twin stars mirror. luveded that one too. this piece of wank walked away with a bunch of stuff that is absolutely worthless to him/her but priceless to me. it's just such a fucken waste.


you know, now that i think abt it...

i think there's an art work abt to form in here. at the moment it's taking its shape in the back of my head and the working title is "have you seen my kitty?"

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