Friday, December 03, 2004

sydney finns meet

last night after work i ran to opera bar at circular quay to meet up with abt 40 other finns who have for some reason ended up in sydney. it was quite a bizarre experience.
i've been here for two years and i haven't really had any contact with finns in here. apart from occasionally saying hi to the couple that were living on campus a year ago. and since i don't really call finland that often, the only time i get to speak finnish is when i go over there for a month once a year for the finnish summer.
it was really bizarre talking finnish and hearing it around me. i felt all warped and paranoid for the rest of the night.
i did meet few cool ppl that would be nice to meet again. and i did see the usual druken finns that were oh-so-easy to spot from the crowd. they stick out like a sore thumb.
on my way home i bumped into my flatmates and of course they 'twisted my arm' to join them for one more drink.

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