Saturday, October 14, 2006

a world of weight off my shoulders

yes. as same guy already guessed in his comment, i handed in my thesis (exegesis) yesterday.

[insert here a big woohoooo]

it was so fucken unreal walking into the office and handing my baby in as 4 binded copies, that it felt like there should have been at least the press present to wittness such a grand moment in my life. instead there were two giggly overweight registrars who frowned at the title of my exegesis.

it was great none the less bunnies.

i had a major drama with printing my baby, as our fantastic office printer - that we have NEVER had problems before - mystically empties it's toners and killed it's drum the day before i needed to print. and of course the replacements never arrive on time.

then on the day that i'm supposed to hand my thesis in, i end up calling through all the bloody printers in the city who are all too busy to get anything done before monday and cost an arm and a leg (literally). i ended up calling the same printer that pg was using and got a quote that was half the price than the cheapest one in the city and the guy knew his business.

pg and retro doll picked me up from the station and then drove me around so that i could get mine printed and handed in on time. i couldn't have pulled it off without them! then we hit the pub by lunch time to celebrate. all in all a very good day.

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