Monday, October 16, 2006

got glue?

tell you what bunnies, its a bizarre feeling not to stress.

the entire year so far has been just stressing with handing in one assignment after another and all the stress finally building up to the superstress of handing in my thesis*. in fact, that's pretty much been the story for the past four years. its kinda scary to face the end of my studies. what if i don't want to?

it feels like the precious stress - that i share such a strong love/hate relationship with - is the glue that keeps me together and operating. its the painful force that keeps the masochist going and being productive 24-7. i was kinda used to it... now i feel a lil bit alone.

after friday, i've just had this weird empty spot where the thesis-stress used to be. you know when in the back of your head there was always that something you needed to get into as soon as you had a moment of free time. now i've got free time and i don't have a clue what to do with it.

i think i need to find a new focus for my creative energy as soon as possible and keep it flowing. i should have a new project to get into as soon as my viva voce** is done. that's the only bit of uni stress left, and i can see myself hanging onto it as if it was the last pair of shoes in my size at a manolo sale.

also, it's looking like i might be facing more big changes than i was expecting, but i don't think i want to rant on about that quite yet. it would be in the 'good scary' category anyway. but more abt that later.

phew. got glue? mebbe i'll just start with a late morning coffee...


(* well, exegesis really, but since only someone doing practical honours knows what it is, i've grown tired of explaining the difference and have just decided to start calling it thesis to make my life easier.

** viva voce = 30min honours speach where i present my work to the examiners and defend my thesis)


Satu said...

It seems that you are as cute as always...(I noticed the new pic of you.)
Sress? Want to get MY life instead of yours?


tp said...

heh. sorry hun, i'm quite happy with mine even tho it might be about to hit a slight turmoil ;)

same guy said...

Dude! I so hear you about the love/hate with stress. I have been so about stress lately. Full spectrum - scary-exciting-inspiring-exhausting - in the end fucken valuable, so long as you use it to do a thing.

Good scary? Slight turmoil? Oooh - innuendo! Keep us guessing baby.

tp said...

ha! good scary turned into bad scary and the shit hit the fan.

however, it looks like the mess has been cleaned up and any major damage avoided.

back to baby steps and taking things easy.

Annushka said...

hey dude wanna make that video, we kept talking about and never made. can be a project to keep those creative juices flowing. whadda ya say?
you know the one with the heels.
love ya

tp said...

hey hey pretty lil possum chicky!

fuck yeah i wanna do it. in fact, i think i might even be able to arrange a certain cameraman who knows how to appreciate a perty pair of heels.

if you can wear a size 7, i've got a few pairs of crazy high hot heels ready too...