Wednesday, October 18, 2006

'DRUKN'? is that finnish for 'drunk'?

heh. why is it that photos from work drinkies look awful by default?

here's me and miss pearl - a few bubbly bottles prior to super mario's harem - posing with a bloke from accounts. unfortunately there was no (even remotely decent) piccies of us with mr super mario...


Sunshine said...

I'm outraged... not only do you have a gorgeous friend I've yet to be introduced to.. you're posing with a mutant.

You've changed doll... it used to be about the music ;)

tp said...

oh piss off you and your myspace account :D

she'd eat you alive. or alternatively, her six-foot-gawd-knows-what hero man would beat you to a pulp. with a spanner. that i think of it... either way, can i film it?