Saturday, October 21, 2006


today, i feel social.

yesterday was painful and i just spent it as a trembling lil mess locked inside my luvly lil apartment not even considering seeing anyone, or even daylight for that matter. far too painful.

however, today is a new day. deviant is fishing down the coast all w/e so i am feeling like a lil my time out... cause you know, 'i am my favourite person' as my new motto goes.

yes bunnies, my narcissism has reached a new high.

i've promised to catch up with sunshine over a few drinkies. the bastard owes me SO many drinkies its not even funny.

also, there's tulip that i haven't seen for yrs so i might try to combine the two. besides, it'd be oh-so-entertaining to see sunshine bust his nuts trying to pick her up and watch her shooting him down repeatedly. the more that i think of it, the better the idea seems.

also, i want to go to the movies. haven't done that for bloody ages. so mebbe i'll try to come up with a movie-dinner-and-drinkies combo. that always works.

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