Saturday, October 14, 2006

super mario's harem

it was 40+ in penriff and while i luveded the heat, the first few stinky hot days do end up killing you every time. while i was all high on the 'fuck yeah summer is finally here!' feeling, it does wear you out so quickly.

i was so tired and buggered by the time i got to the city that i just wanted to go home and sleep. but there was a massive go away party at the office as one of the chickies is leaving us.

so i decided to go in for one... and got home gawd knows when drunk as a skunk.

it started off as a rooftop party at the office with the world of free alcohol. we got soooo trashed with miss pearl that it was hilarious. we decided that we were both super mario's women for the night. we walked through the city and entered the opera bar (which i hate) with his arms around the both of us.

a couple of our work mates walked in after us and heard the best comments from the other ppl walking behind us: 'fuck! either that man is gay or he's a fucken lucky guy!' cracked me up.

then as super mario was getting more booze for us (not a good idea) we got bombarded by some scottish guy with his sleazy italian mate. they thought they were The Studs[tm]. we just pointed and laughed as they were trying to start up a convo. we didn't give them much to work with.

i think i played every role from swedish to russian in that one prolonged pathetic attempt to start up a conversation. also, i think miss pearl declared that i was in fact sicilian at some point.

the poor scottish guy trying to chat me up was convinced that i don't speak a word of english, as i was switching between finnish, swedish and russian while answering him with the most convincing vacant drunken look on my face. and in the end he goes 'right. you can't understand a word i'm saying, can you?'

bunnies, you should have seen his face as i started talking to miss pearl a moment later. fucken hilarious.

just as we got bored with the game, super mario came in and stated that we were both his property and took us away from what had already turned into a nuisance. we walked out of the joint with his arms around us and he took us all the way to the cab.

now i've got the hurty head to prove that there was way too much free champers consumed. but hey, cheap and nasty: just the way i like it.

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