Monday, October 09, 2006

catheter kim & the crow

deviant's young padawan (his apprentice) had his 21st on the weekend and he had put up a massive horror theme party.

deviant decided to dress up as the crow and since i expected the place to be filled with black fishnets (and oh so right i was) i opted for the white ones and dressed up as a candystriper (thanks to muscles for the costume hint).

i didn't want to drag my beloved camera along with what was about to be a major piss-up and trusted that other people would take the pics instead. the only downside is that i have no piccies to post up now as we were in too much of a hurry to remember photos when we left.

fuck me it was difficult to find white stay up fishnets! i could find every bloody colour of the rainbow, but all the white ones were fucken tights. fuck that. eventually after going through *every* adult store in the cross i was able to find one pair of white fishnet stay-ups tucked away behind a pile of black ones.

i found the perfect dress for the outfit from newcastle and i already had the perfect uber-hot candy apple red high heels. all i needed was an enema bag, nurse's hat and an apron to finish off the outfit.

deviant was lucky enough to have such a professional make-up artist to provide him with the perfect face paint for the night. his hair was perfect for the look as it was and all he needed to finish off the look was a black pair of denims with a tight black long sleeved shirt. yum.

let me tell you bunnies: he'd make a shit hot goth boy.

half way through the night he confessed to developing a major shoe fetish during the past few months. fantatic. what could be more fitting to accompany mine - having a fetish for wearing beautiful heels - than someone who has a fetish for seeing them on me. sweet as.


same guy said...

dude. just noticed you have a tag for piss-ups now. this may not be terribly new but I must congratulate such refreshing frankness and honesty.

more relevant comment. Wise choice, leave your best toys at home when you're out on the piss... Saturday night I managed to crack the LCD on my phonecam, through drunkeness... Expensive remorse trumps ordinary hangover remorse. not a happy feeling.


tp said...

ha! mate, you crack me up. poor phone tho...

there is also other reasons for leaving any recording devices home when embarking on an intoxicated mission such as ours. but that worked only half way through this time.

bloody deviant had his camera with him and managed to obtain certain interesting shots of my costume. for obvious reasons i'm not posting the images ;)

same guy said...

Hadn't though of that.. there's some pictures from benders past that I'd be mortified to see again. But those weren't so much 'interesting' as just plain ugly. Pretty confident I managed to track down and destroy them though.

Yep, a camera will wreck plausible deniability straight out. Otherwise if you don't remember it, it's almost like it never happened!