Wednesday, October 11, 2006

save uws arts

i received this email from sari and decided to post it since i know a lot of uws ppl read this blog.

Dear all,

As past students of UWS Fine Arts and as Western Sydney artists we are concerned both about the future of this course and effectively the resilience of art in the west without such a course to nurture and support future generations of Western Sydney artists.

We have set up a blog to initiate dialogue for all interested parties and on which we will post details of any upcoming events or protests that will promote the necessity of preserving Arts in the West. Please forward this email to any current students, past students, Western Sydney artists, and other interested parties.

Click on the link below to access the blog and please post or email any comments or suggestions you have as well as any relevant websites you would like us to link up to the blog.

From: Sari Kivinen (Spokesperson)

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