Saturday, October 21, 2006

when, oh when will i learn?

yesterday was an abortion.

we had a preview night at work on thursday and i invited deviant along. the original idea was to have *a* glass of white, say hello to ppl, show my face and fuck off.


we ended up sitting there till the end, pouring cheap champers (me) and red wine (him) down our throats and eventually travel out to the cross for a night cap and oportos. while the night was great fun, we were so trashed when we got back that its not even funny.

in the morning, the poor thing had to get up at 6am to go to work but fortunately i had the day off. which was my saviour cause - and this is the lesson that i never seem to be able to learn - fucken cheap champers gives me the worst hangovers.

i woke up with a splitting headache and no painkillers in the house. owwie. i tried to get up a few times, but the headache always got the best of me and back to bed i went. eventually, i got up at 3pm, still feelin a lil bit wobbly.

so repeat after me bunnies: cheap champers - AUSTRALIA SAYS NO.

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samuel said...

"cheap" is the operative word here. I am not a connosieur by any stretch (how's my french?) but a girls gotta have standards. "moderately priced domestic" is probably better. And unlike the cheap stuff it does not have extra added ANUS.

I'm in an irish kind of mood anyway. MMMM WHISKEY WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN

Booze theory again... a link for your reference.

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