Saturday, October 21, 2006

definitely drukn.

tell you what bunnies, i must be turning into a bloody pensioner!

when i know there's no rootage to be achived, i am ready to pass out by 10pm. that's no good.

i went out with sunshine, since tulip bloody piked out. (that bitch, i will SO bash her for it once she pops online tomorrow). not only was i lacking the entertaining company of one hot bitch, but also i had to listen to sunshine whinge abt me not coming through with the hot meat i had promised.

well fuck them both and the horsies the rode in on.

yes bunnies, i might be slightly tipsy. or mebbe drunk.

sunshine had a plan b up his sleeve even if it didn't involve the sister. heh. poor funny bugger that one. very good value. remind me to introduce him to you irl bunnies one day. if i haven't already done so that is.

he dropped me home in a cab on his way to the city to score this glorious plan b. i know he can't blog abt any of the good shit so i'll do it for him [insert here drunken giggles]

there is actually a very funny story involving me, deviant, a drunken random chicky and sunshine from a few months back. and mebbe one day i'll blog it. but not just yet. heh. too funny.


oh, what am i whinging. she's a good woman. heh. she woke me up around 11:30pm with a phone call and would have been up for joining our merry crowd... if i hadn't already been asleep and sunshine hunting meat somewhere on the other side ot the town that is. next time. there's always a next time.

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