Tuesday, October 24, 2006


uh-oh, here we go again bunnies. see, i'm brilliant with bad ideas. when ever i get bored, i'm willing to stir anything for a lil bit of entertainment.

saturday was one of those days when i felt like a lil entertainment would be nice and what's more entertaining than social experiments?

i sorta ended up playing cupid between sunshine and tulip.

you know, you've gotta pass on the good meat that you're done with, right? i mean that's how i met deviant. his ex set us up. so i thought that what the hell, this might as well be my turn to "pay it forward".

so i gave tulip sunshine's mobile number for some sms filth. and then i introduced them to each other online.

as they are both equally fucked up, they seem to be getting along marvelously! now i'm just sitting back and observing. quite like an ant terrarium. ...xcept with no ants. and no terrarium. ok, not at all alike but still entertaining.

mind you, i did add in the exclaimer that i'm not to be blamed whe-... erm *if*, i meant to say if things go sour. heh.

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