Tuesday, October 24, 2006

tuesday, sunny tuesday...

well, today seems to be starting a lot better than yesterday.

not only did i wake up with deviant tightly wrapped around me (which is by far my fav way of starting a day) but also, the first thing i read this morning was an email inviting me to submit my work to another exhibition in europe.

this london based curator emailed me suggesting that i should submit my work to be considered for her next exhibition in london. the event sounds perfect for my babies and what's best, the dl for the submissions is 3 weeks after my viva voce. so i have enough time to do this one well too. sweet.

london would be cool. that'd be one of the big ones ticked off my list.


also, today is potentially a good day for house hunting. i'm seeing apartment no4 which is on a street i love and sounds fantastic. keep your fingers crossed bunnies!


Kruiik said...

Toss me an e-mail or something if you get your work to some gallery/exhibition in London - i'm always looking an excuse to go get pissed at London

tp said...

oh trust me mate, if i score an exhibition in london, *everyone* will know abt it! i will be raving on abt it like there's no tomorrow ;)