Monday, October 23, 2006

scandinavian efficiency

now i wonder where i would be without my beloved scandinavian efficiency?

got a rather unpleasant phone call first thing this morning from my real estate agent. apparently the owner wants to sell my apartment. now i don't know about you bunnies, but i could come up with better ways of starting a week than 'yeh abt your home... we're selling it. pack up and fuck off!'

i know i could stay in my apartment for a month after they sell it, if they ever sell it that is. but fuck hanging here just waiting for them to tell me what to do and when. i'd rather go on my own terms. and fuck having strangers herding in twice a week while i'm not in. that's just not kosher.

so yeh. fuck them.

well, i walked into the first real estate agent, picked up the cutest boy in view and went: 'you there. i want this-and-this. now.'

so yeh, i'm seeing three apartments within few blocks from my place this arvo. sweet.

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