Monday, October 30, 2006

what a drama i am having!

*growl* network issues. serious ones. and no, i'm not a happy lil chicky. but hey, [insert here gary oldman 'zorg' accent] 'what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger' [/accent].

so yeh, i am dropped down on 56k dial-up until i can finally get the broadband up and running in my new place after moving in.

weekend was most entertaining. on friday we had a night out with deviant, sunshine and tulip. one of the funniest night outs i have had for a while i must admit.

sunshine was sloshed already by the time he showed up at my place, deviant was cooking supa-delicious dinner and i got to be both girly and pampered with tulip.

the boys got along splendidly and did their best to entertain us chickies with live music, as deviant brought his guitar with him. tulip shares my fetish for guitar playing hotties, so we couldn't have asked for better program for the night.

i was wearing my funky candystriper dress with some serious 4.5 inch heel action and got the attention deserved both from deviant as well as other people once we ventured out into the public.

on saturday night we just had a quiet one with deviant watching thank you for smoking, which btw is an excellent flick. so many fantastic quotes.

on sunday deviant cooked me an uber-yummy brekky of french-toast with maple syrup and ice cream. yum yum YUM. and later on i joined him for a trek along the beach rocks to go squidding at sunset.

funny thing was that the spot was on an unofficial gay nudist beach... have to admit bunnies, that i have never seen so many cocks in one day. mind you, old and wrinkly most of them. funny shit.

of course there was no squid to be caught, but i was fully enjoying a chance to get the ladies out in the sun for once and honestly, watching deviant fish is fucken hilarious. he's a travelling one man's entertainment show that one. i only wish i had video footage of him doing ninja-like casting while screaming out his squid-call 'heeeeeeeeerrree squiddie-squiddie-squiddie!'

he is clearly insane. or on crack. or possibly, both.

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