Friday, September 08, 2006

little parcel of happiness

nothing is better than receiving a post package from home.

mum sent me shitloads of finnish candy along with mätitahna (fish egg/kaviar paste), hotchocolate-powder (dairy free) and two bags.

i don't know how long you've been reading my rants, but there is a history behind the kitty bag that makes it oh so much sweeter to recieve this one from mum

see, i used to have a kitty bag. since i couldn't find one that i liked (they were all too plasticky, busy and pink) i designed and made one myself. it was wonderful and i loved it with all my heart. then i got robbed (well burgled) in newtown and some worthless piece of shit ran off with my priceless kitty bag and all of its contents.

about a year ago my mum visited austria on business and emailed me afterwards that she had found the best bday gift for me but that instead of sending it wanted to give it to me the next time i visited home. since i was unable to visit home this year and was pestering her for sending me finnish candy, she now remembered the gift and included it in the parcel.

mums rok big time.

kitty bag resurrected:


Anonymous said...

"Ihqu" kitty bag! :) Your mum totally rocks!

tp said...

oh yes, my mum is a supamum for sure! and all that candy... i've been sugar high for two solid days now. sweet sweet sour finnish candy... my precious...