Monday, September 04, 2006

tip for mac using bunnies

this lil app has seriously made my mornings just that little bit better.

as an application, alarm clock is very simple: at the set time, it starts playing your choice of music starting very quietly and building up the volume slowly until it becomes loud enough to wake the user up.

the trick is, that this lil thing can wake-up your macbook from sleep and turn it on at the time of the alarm.

i can't begin to tell you what a difference there is between waking up gently and slowly to the pleasant tunes of air - la femme d'argent instead of the brutal and sudden screaming of my phone alarm.

the music seems to bring your consciousness up slowly until you are ready to wake-up, where as the normal alarm just jerks you from dreamland to harsh reality with no cushioning what so ever.

warmly recommended bunnies!

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