Thursday, September 07, 2006

its boring times bunnies

i've been squeezing every ounce of creativity in me into my exegesis and lately there has been none left for anything or anyone else.

deviant is still in nz and returning on monday. the reason i've been so busy is that i want to get the first draft of my exegesis ready the day before.

to relieve this state of boredom, i had a massive night out at an exhibition opening yesterday. took miss pearl and bella with me.

i ended up drinking with a random crowd of artists, lecturers, students and piss-heads and thank gawd couldn't remember their names for the life of me.

xcept an sca lecturer ranting on about experimenting with viagra. that shit was just too funny to forget. and jon wah snogging an older male artist after i introduced them. fucken priceless i tell you. good one. also, i think i was teaching some finnish swearing to an asian chicky with a voice like bjork's.

also, i think i promised to appear in some shortfilm as 'the loud drunk one' as well as had a heated argument with a lecturer of mine on 'corporate cock' vs. 'THE corporate cock'. there was lots of foot stomping until he claimed that it was in fact his language and that i should just stfu. did. and got another drink.

the funny thing was that after being very loud, rude and obnoxiosly drunk all night (yesyes, very ladylike indeed), this one charming young man asks if he had heard correctly that i 'had a partner' cause otherwise he'd be interested in asking me out. both honestly surprised and flattered i thanked for the compliment and took it as my cue to go home.

all good fun. xcept waking up this morning. owwie.

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