Sunday, September 03, 2006

too much thesis not enough fun

you know you've been working too hard when you continue working after you fall asleep.

not good.

for the first half of the night i was forming sentences for my thesis and the latter half i had a very unpleasant dream. not quite a nightmare but not far from one either.

you know when in your dream you go through a scenario you fear in real life? it gets even worse when its a 'reality dream' - a dream so realistic that it doesn't feel like a dream at all. so yeh, i woke up all fucked up and confused and not in my bestest of moods at the moment.

i think i need a cup of coffee and a mind clarifying run. hopefully that'll do the trick.

also, i think i'm having lunch today with the finnish chickie who knocked my drink over at my local a couple of months ago. that should be fun.

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Anonymous said...

what is you thesis?