Wednesday, September 20, 2006


this is just so not my day.

--the morning.
great news: deviant calls telling me that muse is doing another gig in syd and the tickets are on sale. yay. so online i go buying the tickets.


the gig is on the same date as the bloodymotherfucking tool gig, so its a no go. grrr.

--walk to work
walk to the coffee shop to get my morning coffee.


i realise that i left my wallet home >> no money >> no coffee

--office part 1
decide to get two tickets anyway and get someone else to go with me. sit in front of my comp, surf to the ticketek site to buy tickets.


no wallet >> no credit card >> no muse tickets. growl.

--office part 2
email/message/call my mates to see if anyone would be interested in going to the gig and would have a credit card handy.


find out that all my friggen mates are going to the tool gig so they can't come to the muse gig.


as a bonus the tool ticket incident with deviant seems to drag on as a day-long sms fight that makes everything just that little bit worse.

in fact, this entire day has been a full on fucken abortion and i am quite convinced i should have fucken stayed in bed.


somebody fetch the baseball bat so that i can do the bitch-on-a-homicidal-rampage-thingie.

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