Saturday, September 02, 2006

time for a lil break

fuck i've been a good lil chicky today!

i started my day with a mind clarifying jog and after that spent an hour or so reading welsh's ecstasy by my roof top pool in bikinis trying to soften out the tan lines i got while running. the water felt too cold for me to jump in quite yet, but it was a beautiful hot day otherwise.

the rest of the day has gone by with a glass of white and my exegesis. i was finally able to create a proper working file for it. now i have a clear idea of the structure of the document as well as balancing out the different parts to right proportions.

now i'm just too overwhelmed by all of it to continue working on it anymore tonight. i need to get the document printed out and start blowing holes into it with a red pen.

the text is still very much raw and far from the final polished goal, but its a start and a good one too me thinks.

join me for a glass of white, will ya? now if only deviant was here to snuggle up to and watch a film with, this would be a perfect day.

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