Friday, September 01, 2006


today, as i was going through my ipod to find some music to listen to during my run, i came across prodigy's experience album. i had managed to forget how brilliant it was. it made me think of music in general while running.

see, in the years 87-89, the first three albums (good ol' c-cassetes) that i bought were michael jackson - bad, alice cooper - trash and technotronic - pump up the jam. so my taste in music really could have gone to any possible direction.

however, it was prodigy - experience in 1992 that blew my fragile lil brain and shaped my taste in music for the last 10 years that i spent in finland.

i became a full on lil raver chicky and between 93-99 i dragged my arse to any raves available starting from the illegal warehouse ones set up in the middle of the dodgy industrial districts and carrying through to the massive commercial ones that ended up fading my interest to the rave culture as such.

the last big rave event that i took part in was love parade 99 in berlin. while i had the best time ever at the lp98, lp99 sucked balls big time.

from then on i was more into clubbing and groovy tunes to wriggle my body to.

the funny thing was that i never got into the candy raving thing. i still to this day have never popped a pill or done any other common party scene drugs. not that i'd have anything morally against it or that they wouldn't have been available. i just never felt the need for it. alcohol, caffeine and sugar seem to fuck me up just fine.

also, iam aware of the fact that i've inherited a rather fragile brain chemistry. having been on anti-depressants once was enough. i have no desire to fuck with my poor lil brain now that its even somewhat working.

mind you, this whole being an artist and not doing drugs sorta makes me feel like a bit of a cop-out. i mean, i am expected to destroy this body of mine both physically and mentally in record time, right? i guess i just have to go twice as hard with the booze...

oh, back to the music.

once i arrived in sydney, my taste in music has grown alongside myself and now covers pretty much everything as long as its NOT rnb, rap or post-millenium hiphop (old skool from late 70s to mid 90s still does it for me).

in fact, my taste in music is so broad that it feels impossible to answer when someone asks what i like. all i can really say is to list the last few albums to visit my itunes playlist.

so right now, i like: air - moon safari, prodigy - experience, eskimo joe - black fingernails red wine, black label society - mafia and nine inch nails - halo 02 pretty hate machine (the last 5 played albums according to itunes)

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Kennu said...

Ok ok so you listen to all kinds of crap nowadays, but Prodigy was one of the first ones for me, too :-) Along with a CD collection called 'Trip to Mars', which they advertised on MTV in '93, containing stuff like Jaydee, Robin S., Atlantic Ocean and Moby ( I suppose that one shaped my taste for the next 10 years or so...