Monday, September 18, 2006

supermassive black hole alright...

fuck. what a weekend. i feel like i need another one just to survive from saturday.

was pissed off to start with, which didn't really help. deviant confessed that he had got himself a ticket to the tool gig without getting me one. cunt. was NOT impressed. so yeh there was a world of rammstein and nin cranked out LOUD while dolling up. *growl*

my old flattie dui had a rooftop party and 'pretty much everyone we know' was attending. got sloshed, nearly punched deviant in the face, made up while still agreeing that he in fact was a cunt, drank some more, stole every ciggie i could see while knowing that it was a bad idea, felt sick and smoke some more, drank some more, took a cab home. all in all a great night out.

i might have been a bad girl and missing out on most of the piss-ups with my mates recently, but when i show up i *really* do put the effort in. fuck half arsed drinkies. if you do it, you might aswell do it properly. or so i thought on saturday. wasn't quite as convinced when i woke up on sunday morning. but that's a whole other story.

on sunday deviant went for a fish at sunset. when we arrived there was this wanna-be-stud teaching a couple of asian chicks how to fish. heh. we rock up and deviant catches a squid on his first cast. of course the chicks (who apparently hadn't been able to catch fuck all) run in to worship 'the real man' and the poor fucker who had been working on it all day lost all his bushman points straight away. so funny.

plus the calamari rings were delicious too.

today i've been grilling my fluorescent white arse in the sun by the pool (well, the imprint of the bikinis is still just as white) while typing away my exegesis. nothing quite like getting your tits out in the sun to provide that lil edge to your academic bs...

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Anonymous said...

Hey you write really well and i was hooked from the first moment i laid eyes on your blog! Todella mahtavaa kertomusta. tyyli on mieletön. :D

Kerro kaikki vaan.. :D Your relationship with deviant seems interesting and happy. :D

Hauskaa syksyä! t. graduopiskelija suomessa....