Wednesday, September 20, 2006

chocolate makes the world a better place

grh. got home and stuffed half a block of fazer blue chocolate down my throat, fetched my credit card and got the bloody tickets. so now i've got tickets to both field day and muse. mebbe it's not such a bad day after all...

quite excited abt field day actually. both the presets and crazy penis are playing. joy.


crazy penis:

the presets:

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same guy said...

ooh - the presets video makes me so ANGRY! The dropped-mpeg-keyframe effect they've used - for me it went from newly discovered and completely underground to video hits in the space of about a day. Fuck you, presets. Fuck you for stealing the thing I wanted to steal before I had a chance to steal it first.

Nonetheless - aaaaaaaaaaaaaa - aaaaaaaare you the oooooooooone?

I can't stay mad at you, presets.