Monday, January 29, 2007

remedy for creative constipation

is there anything better in this world than a brand new luxurious sketchbook just waiting to withhold all your silly lil scribbles?

i went to an art supply store with miss pearl today in order to score some shit for work, but i ended up walking out with a sketchbook of my own.

i used to have one yrs ago when i was preparing to leave finland and i luveded it. i carried it everywhere i went and scribbled/wrote/glued in absolutely everything to document what was happening in my life at that stage. i dare say its one of my most priced possessions.

i plan to draw something in my book every day. i think this is the new year's resolution i didn't make.

i reckon the past honours year caused me creative constipation more than anything else. so uninspiring you wouldn't believe it was art school! mebbe this lil black book will help me get over it.

speaking of which, all you arty bunnies out there: make sure you watch the movie art school confidential. its so sad and SO very true. was pissing myself laughing all through it. if you've ever been in an art school, you'll love it!

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