Sunday, January 28, 2007


heh. sometimes when i catch up with my mates irl, they already know what's happening. when i start telling a story, they blush and finish the story confessing that they read my blog.

that's funny and its fine. i have absolutely nothing against that.

what i don't understand however, is stalking me through my blog after cutting off all contact irl. you know who you are.

whatever your reasons might have been, if you don't have the balls to face me, or keep in contact through the traditional channels, why the fuck would you go through the effort of estalking me? and why the fuck would i want your help after more than a year of radio silence?

fair enuff, this shit is published on the bloody internet, so its out there for you to read. and really, i don't care either way.

i just don't get it.

mind boggles.


Tero said...

You are keeping contact with your IRL mates on the other side of the world so intensively that we must avoid you from time to time.
But it's nice to hear that you are doing fine ;)

tp said...


i didn't realise my foaming in the mouth rant was efficient enough to guilt trip even those not guilty of the crime...

yeh hun, you're still in the good books ;)

Tero said...

IF something like this would happen, i might feel a bit guilty

Otherwise i'm just out to find some nice places to poke ppl ;)

tp said...