Tuesday, January 02, 2007

oh so delightfully drukn!

the nye w/e was an absolute blast. yet another perfect excuse for a bender and who am i to fight back?

on nye i got the shits after every man in the house took it their business to tell me to 'hurry the fuck up'. when we hit the pub i thought it might be an idea to start with a tequila - or few - to cheer up...

i walked up to the bar and ordered two tequilas, a red bull and vodka and a heineken for deviant. citronella arrived just as i had paid and got all excited over us all shooting tequilas. at first, he watched horrified as i claimed three of the four drinks for myself, but after i downed the two tequilas before getting my change back and continued with a healthy 1/3 glass gulp of the red bull and vodka, his disappointment turned into full appreciation through a recognition of a fellow pisshead. i was in the good books for the rest of the night.

deviant later on confessed diagnosing me as schizophrenic after seeing me go from miss cranky-as-all-hell to miss very-drukn-and-very-happy in seconds. but such is the power of tequila. ugh.

the rest of the hazy images of the night include shooting shitloads more tequila with citronella, getting thrown out of a bar with deviant due to 'immoral behaviour' and being carried around by deviant and citronella while giggling my arse off. also, i was told that citronella had been having a ball slapping my arse while deviant had been carrying me over his shoulder.

i am fairly sure we tried to take on a good portion of the bushes along the way as deviant ended up with an impressive collection of pri(*)s. his pant's got torn under the right knee, a knee, a knuckle and his side bruised and a very street cred cut on his cheekbone. hard core.

in other words: great times.

the most remarkable thing however was the fact that i survived with no hangover what so ever!

(* pri = piss related injury)

memorable quotes:

deviant: 'well i went to wake her up with a cup of coffee and she bit me!'

citronella: [having a rant about needing to pick up a chick] 'man, i seriously need to throw my shit into something!'

the old man: [while fetching another beer from the fridge around 10am] 'i don't believe its only my fourth beer this morning!'

citronella: [gasping for air devastated abt the fact that he might not be able to finish his nyd meal] 'oh no! it's all over for me! what a drama i am having!'

deviant: [driving through mogo] 'fucken mogo!' x 1001

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