Sunday, January 28, 2007

oncoming inspiration...

i've had this wave of inspiration trying to overcome me for quite a while.

you know that feeling when you grow more and more restless by the day and just have this overwhelming need to draw/write/paint/make a book/prepare an etching plate/whatever?

and its all you can think of...

then you go and pick up a pen, and it doesn't work. it doesn't do what you imagine it would. the pathetic scribbles on the paper in front of you have nothing to do with the divine inspiration throbbing in the back of your mind.

so you so back to being restless and a couple of days later you start to write. only to repeat the previous disappointment. and back to frustration you go again.

i believe i received this annoying trait from my mother's milk, as she is one creative nut.

i remember waking up one sunday morning to this hell of a racket. as i followed the noise i encountered the most bizarre sight:

my mum - and don't forget this was about 07:00am sunday morning - had jacked a whole wall full of inbuilts up half a meter using car jacks. apparently, half way through her morning coffee, it had occurred to her that there's plenty of waste space there and she could easily lift them to fit a row of drawers underneath.

later on she confessed that she had been suffering from an oncoming inspiration for weeks.

yeh. psycho. good entertainment value tho.

let's see what i get up to if this keeps on building up like it has for the past couple of weeks...

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