Wednesday, January 31, 2007

lil bit of this and lil bit of that

oops. i think i managed to stir up a fair bit of shit with my foaming in the mouth rant the other day. i've received quite a few 'wtf?!?' messages from ppl who thought i was addressing them. silly bunnies. you are still in the good books.


had my first day at the new job yesterday. i'm doing two jobs part time at the moment hoping that i will impress the new company within the next couple of week so throughly that they'll offer me a full time job.

had a great day actually, i was really busy from the moment i walked in. there's everything to do from scratch, the ppl were really nice and the day went very quickly.

the only issue i had with it was working in an open office with a chicky with the most annoying laugh in the world. think you know someone with an awful laugh? think again. this was agony. and constant too.

if they hire me full time i'll buy kick arse headphones and crank out tool to keep her laughter from interfering with my universe.


oh also, i got somewhat inspired by a recent comment on breakup and came up with this formula. what do you think bunnies?

((H*B)-(xH*xB)) + D*V + I
------------------------- * w = S


H = your hotness

B = your brains

xH = ex's hotness

xB = ex's brains

D = dirt involved in the breakup

V = the extent of her vindictiveness

I = the degree of her intoxication

m = relationship months

w = weeks since breakup

S = your likelyhood to score

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