Wednesday, January 24, 2007

bring on the bender!

the rest of the week is starting to look pretty full on.

tonight the boys are attending the tool gig in town. they're picking me up with a cab on their way home and then we'll piss-up at deviant's place.

thursday is of course big day out so we'll be starting early and going strong for the following 12 hrs. followed with a piss-up at deviant's place. of course.

friday is australia day and we have a massive bbq bonanza lined up in newtown. phoenix has his already legendary australia day bbq that has gotten out of control. should be very good value.

now if only i had the liver of an 18yo to survive all this... mebbe i could think of it as a muscle that can be trained?

or maybe i'll just trust that they'll bring out hot swap livers over the counter soon...

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