Thursday, January 04, 2007

brilliant stop motion art

quite enjoyed this even tho i think it could have been cut down to the magical length of 3 mins...


Anonymous said...

very enjoyable.

But must agree that 3 mins is the one should expect to be pleasured longer than this - that is just being greedy.


tp said...


i am very strict when it comes to the three minute rule and video art.

with show reel video art works (as in works that you sit from beginning to the end) you need to have a REALLY good reason to extend it past the magical 3 minute limit. (naturally installation loops are a whole different thing.)

3 mins is perfect. there's plenty of time to build up what you're after, reward the viewer and still leave them wanting more. maybe even watch the same video again.

go on for 5 and you're already starting to bore them and go on for more than 10 and they'll be too pissed off at you wasting their time to ever give you another go.

then again, too much shorter than 3 minutes can seem too short and work can appear unfinished.

maybe i'm just a brainwashed result of the mtv era?

still, 3 minutes, enough said. ugh.