Wednesday, January 24, 2007

annoying weather and adorable men

i'm convinced that 90% of australia's rainfall falls on my fucken way to work.

not happy jan. not happy.

see, yesterday i was running in the sun, having the time of my life and planning tomorrow's bdo. now? not too keen on standing knee deep in mud in my heels that once were glamorous. *growl*


you know what bunnies, i reckon men are pretty adorable.

on sunday night, i was prancing around in bikinis while deviant was checking his email and shit. i had been preparing dinner in the kitchen and noticed he was about to finish his beer.

i grabbed a new ice cold beer from the fridge and went to hand it to him just as he skulled the rest and was abt to put the empty one on the table.

you should have seen his face.

he stared at me in stunned silence, his eyes going from my bikinis to the cold beer in his hand and back again. after a while he was able to stutter: 'marry me!'

cracked me up.

'its only beer and bikinis hun, nothing to get THAT excited about. now calm down, drink your beer and look pretty.'

not often have i seen a happier man.

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