Tuesday, January 16, 2007

never underestimate the power of blonde

oh, its been far too long! i had already forgotten how much more fun blondes have! i think the best comment so far was 'i reckon blonde hair makes your tits look bigger...' needless to say cracked me up.

went to an interview today and nailed it. the chicky absolutely luveded me and is working to improve my situation at the moment. so thanks for crossing those fingers for me bunnies, looks like it worked.

i should hear back from her before the end of the week. so no need to uncross your paws quite yet. i'll keep you posted.


memorable quotes:

deviant: 'that's it! i'm taking those with me! there is NO WAY i'm having you prancing around in those hot pants while i'm away sitting on a fucken rock!'

deviant: 'oi! stop treating me like a piece of meat, woman! you're supposed to say that you like me for my charming personality!'
tp: 'yes sweetheart, its your big, hard personality i like you for...'
deviant: '...that's better - HEY!'

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