Saturday, January 27, 2007


'yes, it's true.
unfortunately impossible.'


dear deviant, so long and thanks for all the fish!


Emma said...

What?! This can't be true.. Can it?

tp said...

i'm afraid it is my dear bunny.

there is a black marlin out there with deviant's name on it, so the fisherking has left the building.

no drama involved tho.

he has been planning his very long trip for years, and i knew of it from the day i met him.

we had a fantastic time till the very last minute and agreed that it has been a wonderful six-days-short-of-a-year :)

Emma said...

I must say you're being a very good sport about it. Impressive.

Damn it still, I thought you guys are perfect for each other. Aww shucks.

secretadmirer said...

Just googled this and cant find an answer, maybe you can help. How long should I wait to ask someone out after they have ended a relationship?

tp said...

dear secretadmirer,

i believe there is a formula to it that goes something along the lines of:

((H*B)-(xH*xB)) + D*V + I
------------------------------ * w = S

H = your hotness
B = your brains
xH = ex's hotness
xB = ex's brains
D = dirt involved in the breakup
V = the extent of her vindictiveness
I = the degree of her intoxication
m = relationship months
w = weeks since breakup
S = your likelyhood to score

secretadmirer said...

thanks tp but i may still need some help... I am H8, B8, my X was xH10, xB2 (I know ideal woman), D and V are both 0. But shouldnt I be your level of intoxication?