Thursday, November 23, 2006

today has been the day of interesting people

work was fun. i had my own santa's lil helper to keep me entertained and providing me with trinkets aplenty for photographing. the fin man i think i'll call him.

its quite funny actually, but he reminds me a lot of mr pinstripe. they look the same as well as are the exact same body type. they sound the same, use the same expressions, laugh the same and both of them even have an infatuation with scarlett johansson. scary.

the highlight of my day tho was definitely super mario saving my grad show outfit. i have been on a lookout for a white handbag for ages, but i've been unable to find one i would like and could afford. the ones i liked were expensive as all hell and the ones i could afford just looked like shit.

then as the saving angel he is, super mario suddenly decides to show me his collection of vintage handbags he's about to sell. the first thing i see is this perfect white lil 50's bag that is just made for my outfit. he sells me the gorgeous vintage oroton mesh dream for a ridiculous $20 and i couldn't be happier!

after i left work i walked into this exhibition opening alone.

i was expecting all of my mates to show up eventually, as most of then are pretty good when it comes to sniffing out free alcohol. however, no one showed up. not a single fucken alco. now this is going to suck i thought.

instead of bailing out, i just decided to sit down on this lounge and observe the people around me. almost instantly this lovely older lady opened up a conversation by asking what i thought of the show. i don't think she was too impressed.

a 'painter painter' she was. or that's at least how she put it. she told me stories of the artists squatting in the building that was later on going to become the artspace. she was beautiful, fascinating and she didn't think the exhibition talked of the wool area at all.

then there was a drunken girl passed out on the red carpet so i had to go in and have a giggle. she's great. never breaks out of character that maiden of finland.

then there was the man with the watery eyes.

he was in his forties and asked me for a cigarette. when i was unable to provide him with one, he said that it was alright, he didn't smoke anyway. he had just thought of asking me since i 'looked least offensive from the people around'. although he added that he's certain that i'm entirely capable of being offensive if i just wanted.

we concluded that we were of parallel universes that collided in that specific moment: in my universe the artspace provided free alcohol whereas in his people had to pay for their drinks. i think he might have slipped through to my universe tho, since he was gentleman enough to 'buy' me a free drink later on.

the rude man he was, he gave away the gift that nearly had my name on it right in front of my face. it was a sculpture he was about to leave behind. he said that he was already going to give it to me, but changed his mind and gave it to the lady instead.

she was my senior and had written a book about the seventies. i was unable to compete. mind you, personally i think it was the fact that he was just sour about me not giving him a ciggie. and me telling him how his universe sucked since there was no free alcohol.

he talked about philosophy, although we both agreed that it was a total mind fuck that one should steer clear of. we talked about puppets he hated and the sculptures he leaves behind. we talked about stories and writing. and lucid dreaming.

the entire day was very socially inspiring and rewarding.

i think i'll start doing more things by myself from now on. for some reason people tend to approach me when i'm left alone. maybe i'm not as offensive as i want to think of myself after all?

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Soon said...

Well, when you're alone at a gallery/gathering space, you're not seen as already being locked into the conversation you would otherwise be bringing with you if you went with a partner.