Tuesday, November 21, 2006

next time i'll mug her too...

fuck. nice start for the day to rob a lil old lady for her coffee.

i was getting my usual morning coffee while chatting up the hottie behind the counter. there was no one else waiting and i wasn't really paying attention when the chicky making my coffee announced the concoction she had just come up with.

i just grabbed the coffee and stormed off in my usual manner as i was - once again - late from work.

when i was already a fair hike away, the hottie comes running after me screaming 'excuse me... EXCUSE ME! that's not your coffee - and it's not soy!' and then i got the nastiest glare from this lil old lady who's coffee i had just done a runner with. i don't think she was too impressed.

so there i go, blushing and embarrassed, standing and waiting in front of the coffee joint again until the chicky puts the next coffee on the counter announcing out loud 'now THIS is your grande soy latte miss...' while giving me a very meaningful look.

fucken hell.

it should be illegal to leave the house before having the first caffeine dose. i am seriously not accountable for my actions until my blood caffeine level is high enough.

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