Thursday, November 16, 2006


alrighty bunnies, all the shit is over and done with, its time to start having fun again.

i am seriously deprived of any social interaction and in need of a night out. the fact that i ended up staying back at work for almost two hrs extra just because i was having fun is a fucken scary sign. the boys were being very entertaining and we ended up going through every topic from droolable men to scarlett johansson and everything in between.

i'll have to see what everyone is upto tomorrow, but i'd certainly be up for a drink of ten after work. mebbe even end up shaking my bum somewhere? i think i have done far too little bum shaking and attention seeking lately.

oh, bad news btw: citronella got dui'd* the other day. seriously not good. will need to bend him over my knee when i see him. such a bad boy he is.

now join me for a bowl of apple pie and ice cream...

(*dui = d.u.i. = driving under the influence)


Anonymous said...

If that is the punishment for DUI I am off for a bottle of Scotch and a spin around the block,


Abram said...

Here's some entertainment...go see the SCA gradshow!!! turn right down the corridor from the main entrance and you'll find "Terror Forming Mars". I've finished now - off to see if i can regain a semblance of life through sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. See you at yours on the 24th. X