Tuesday, November 21, 2006


while my mind is already back to normal, my body is still recovering from the past few weeks. i think i really ran myself to ground this time.

the worst bit was that since this handy lil thing called lucid dreaming, i'd be spending the nights doing mental work and planning how to use the following day efficiently and then during the day i would just execute the plans of the previous night.

quite efficient and for a night or two that might work, but do that for a few weeks in a row and you end up utterly fucked. while i was sleeping alright i was not resting.

well, that damage was fixed by the first few good nights after the scholarship interview but i am still physically very tired. since then i have been just sleeping 10+ hrs /night and napping during the day. yes. i have officially become a pensioner.

the good(?) thing is that deviant shared this hectic experience with me and therefore is equally tired and in need of resting. we spent the entire weekend just watching movies, reading books snuggled up, napping together and reading books at the beach. and i can tell you bunnies, it was just what the doc ordered. in fact i thoroughly enjoyed my low key weekend.

what worries me a bit is that i ended up losing a fair bit of weight in the process too. i mean, i don't exercise at all, i eat big meals (and junk food regularly), candy daily, drink excessively and still keep losing weight. not a good sign. i'll have to see how the dust settles and see if i return back to normal. i have no desire to turn into a bloody anorectic twig.

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