Friday, November 03, 2006

flat out

such a bloody scatterbrain i have been lately! its hopeless. there's just too bloody much on my plate at the moment. not healthy.

i managed to do a really stupid fuck up at work this week. so stoopid that it makes me doubt if my eyesight has left me for good or if the little that has been left of my poor brain has been reduced into a pink block of play-doh.

oh well, shit happens i suppose.

if i would just get this honours shit out of the way, i could perhaps take it a bit easier for a while.

i had to re-edit my entire video this morning as i found out that the fan programming can only use full seconds. deviant is finishing off the fan today as well as programming it to operate in sync with my video. then we'll spend the entire w/e way out in the bush setting up the installation space ready for my viva voce next wednesday.

yeh, i'm shitting myself.

if i survive the viva voce as well as the setting up, i then need to type and send off a series of applications and proposals for jobs/scholarships/exhibitions and shit. then the following w/e i need to pack all my shit for moving. grah.

the only thing calming me down and keeping me sane is deviant being the perfect man and spoiling me rotten.

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same guy said...

way out in the bush? do you mean kingswood? you know that's technically suburbia... fucken urban types